NRA Training

We offer sales of rifles, shotguns and handguns, as well as reloading equipment and accessories.  Buying on the internet and not from us?  No problem! We will be happy to facilitate your transfer for a modest fee.  (This service is FREE for graduates of any of our training courses!)

Transfers and Sales

Ankeny Firearms Research LLC 

NRA Certified Training, Sales, Transfers and Conservation Research


Gun Sales

We currently provide NRA certified training for Basic Pistol. This exciting, hands-on course satisfies the training requirement for Iowa's Permit to Carry Weapons.   Other programs under development will include reloading for both brass cartridges and shotshells as well as instruction for basic shotgun and rifle shooting.  Also read about our gun sales and other activities related to Ankeny Firearms Research in Ankeny, IA

The health of our sport depends on good habitat for game species, coupled with reliable information on species conservation.  Everything begins there.  Our mission is to use a significant portion of our time, energy and capital to support, and participate in, research, education and publication that supports the best ideals of game management. Click learn more.

"The shooting sports are an American tradition.  For too long, they have been disrespected by gutter culture and the excesses of Hollywood.  It is time for us to reclaim the high ground.  AFR was founded to help do just that."   Ted Dyer, MS, RSO